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ViDia-Kliniken rely on enaio® as a Cross-Clinic Knowledge Platform

ViDia Christliche Kliniken Karlsruhe

  • Founded in 1851
  • More than 3,000 employees
  • Annually approx. 50,000 inpatients
The sleek logo for vidia on a sophisticated black background, representing the powerful Cross-Clinic knowledge platform.

Speedy information access across all hospital departments

The St. Vincentius Clinics and the Diakonissenkrankenhaus jointly form the ViDia Christliche Kliniken Karlsruhe clinic association. Approximately 3,000 employees treat about 50,000 inpatients and 150,000 outpatients each year. The numerous specialist departments, several cancer centers and institutes of ViDia-Kliniken offer health care and research at the highest level. As one of the largest employers, medical service providers and academic teaching facilities, the clinic association bears immense responsibility for the entire region.

For a long time, the clinics and administration of ViDia-Kliniken operated various different IT solutions that could not communicate with one another. After introducing the enaio® ECM system, the hospital can now bundle data from various sources in electronic records and archive them digitally in an audit-proof manner. enaio® introduced a hospital-wide information platform, greatly improved transparency, and provides an overview of all data and documents.

With enaio® we are gradually constructing a company-wide information logistics platform that ensures transparency and knowledge transfer in our medical and administrative departments.

Dr. Gunther Fritzer, Head of IT, ViDia Kliniken

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