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Electronic Records bring Light and Transparency to Project Management

GIFAS Electric GmbH

  • More than 250 employees
  • Offices in 5 countries
  • Successful in the market for over 60 years

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Comprehensive power distribution solutions from a single source

GIFAS-ELECTRIC develops, produces, and sells electrotechnical products such as power distributors and lighting products in the DACH region as well as in Italy and France. The company has to handle a correspondingly large number of invoices, contracts, delivery notes, etc. To minimize the associated effort by digitally mapping the associated business processes, GIFAS-ELECTRIC introduced ECM technology from OPTIMAL SYSTEMS. The solution introduced efficient and secure workflows for various tasks, such as invoice management.

As a key feature of the solution, it integrates with the existing IT environment. The ECM solution for incoming invoice processing is connected to the ERP system. ECM workflows ensure that data and documents are automatically forwarded to the responsible employees. The solution also provides electronic project dossiers (e-records), which are used to manage and store technical documents and drawings as well as price and T&C information, contracts, and e-mails. The various information objects are interconnected, Each employee obtains precisely the information it needs to handle a given process.

The holistic concept of the software from OPTIMAL SYSTEMS has convinced us.

Markus Eigenmann, CFO, GIFAS-ELECTRIC GmbH

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