Von Bäumen gesäumte Straße inmitten moderner Gebäude in urbaner Umgebung zur goldenen Stunde, Präsentation von OPTIMAL SYSTEMS Dortmund.

We digitize your company

with our proprietary information management software

Black and white portrait of a woman with her hand on her face, looking thoughtfully to the side, taken by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS Dortmund.
A black and white portrait of a smiling young man in a suit jacket and collared shirt, representing Optimal Systems Dortmund.
A black and white portrait of a smiling man with folded arms presenting OPTIMAL SYSTEMS Dortmund.
Luftaufnahme eines Docks mit ausgerichteten Booten auf einer ruhigen Wasseroberfläche, die optimale Systeme zeigt.

Sabine Poéll

Digitization saves us a lot of time and reduces the frequency of errors to zero. And you no longer have to ask yourself the question: Have I thought of everything?

Sabine Poéll | HR Manager | REWE Dortmund
Luftaufnahme Phoenixsee Dortmund

Janina Grepel, OPTIMAL SYSTEMS Dortmund

We are looking for tinkerers, planners, visionaries – in short: go-getters who want to support our customers on their way to digitization. You don’t have to be an IT specialist, but simply a specialist in your own field – be it consulting, human resources, customer support or software development.

Luftaufnahme OPTIMAL SYSTEMS Dortmund am Phoenixsee