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An overview of OPTIMAL SYSTEMS locations

The OPTIMAL SYSTEMS group has branches and subsidiaries in many large German cities and in other European countries – a total of 15 locations in four countries.

Some of these locations are dedicated to a very specific industry segment, others serve as sales companies for certain regions or postal code areas. Our customers and partners benefit from this nationwide presence and specialization in individual needs.

On this page, we would like to introduce our locations to you.

Headquarters | Berlin | Berlin Healthcare | Bielefeld | Dortmund | Frankfurt | Hamburg | Hanover | Jena | Constance | Leipzig | Munich & Nuremberg | Stuttgart


Belgrade / Serbia | Frauenfeld / Switzerland | Vienna / Austria

Corporate Headquarters

It all started in Berlin: Two tech enthusiasts who wanted to better organize commercial satellite imaging laid the foundation for a technology which is now indispensable for countless companies and organizations. Still today, OPTIMAL SYSTEMS’ corporate headquarters are located in Berlin – even though, thanks to New Work concepts such as mobile working, more and more work is done from home offices. However, all threads come together at our company headquarters: Software development and product management, consulting and training as well as marketing and administration. In addition, all sales activities for Central and Eastern Germany are managed from here.


Berlin: hopelessly unmanageable melting pot for fashion startups, advertising agencies and trendy bars? That’s how many see it. As a business location, however, the capital still knows how to shine; for years, the figures for economic output and employment have been growing. Tourism is booming, as is the creative industry – but more and more large companies are discovering Berlin for themselves. Our headquarters in the Wilmersdorf district is home to our sales department for the Central and Eastern German sales region. And we’re finding that our customer portfolio is as colorful as the city itself.

Berlin Healthcare

The Berlin headquarters is also home to OPTIMAL SYSTEMS experts for a wide range of solutions and use cases in clinical healthcare. Regardless of the postal code area, these colleagues will help you, for example, with the realization of digital patient files, clinical document class lists, MD process integration, IHE communication, or applications and use cases in the field of administration. The versatility of our products fills us with pride – and this is especially true for our contributions to healthcare.


Bielefeld is not only the university town “that really exists”, but also the home of OPTIMAL SYSTEMS Bielefeld, our specialists for all ECM use cases in pharmaceuticals, medical technology, and chemicals. We think this fits: Where founders once helped invent the modern textile trade in the first industrial revolutions, one of the most bustling start-up centers in North Rhine-Westphalia is growing today. And in the middle of it all, not far from Bielefeld’s main train station, you’ll find our branch.


Once famous for black gold and its steel industry, the metropolis of Dortmund has long since arrived in the 21st century. The landmarks – collieries, viaducts, and coking plants – have remained, but the city’s wealth is now generated by innovations and know-how, not by raw materials and feedstocks. Thus, OPTIMAL SYSTEMS Dortmund has also secured a beautiful spot of the innovation capital near the Phoenixsee lake and sells our ECM products from there.


The Frankfurt a. M. region – where capital goes when it needs a rest! In order to open up this important hub of Central Europe for us, we set up our sales office for this particularly busy metropolitan area in Wetzlar, part of the beautiful Frankfurt environs.


What happens in Hamburg does not stay in Hamburg: Germany’s second largest metropolis radiates its cultural influence to the entire continent. We are much more modest: OPTIMAL SYSTEMS Hamburg is “only” the hub of our sales activities in the north-west of Germany. We are located in the beautiful city of Hamburg-Altona.


The people of Hanover are so “excitingly unexcited” that they have unceremoniously made this state of mind the focus of their tourism campaign. “Unexciting” appeals to us, because our business requires haste with time – while maintaining a consistently high level of precision. Therefore, it is perhaps no coincidence that we at OPTIMAL SYSTEMS Hanover have concentrated all our expertise on the use of ECM in the public sector. If you would like to pay us a visit, you will find us in the beautiful district of List!


As a center of the precision mechanics and optics industry, the “City of Light” Jena has achieved world fame. Scientific institutions and technology groups of various orientations are attracted by this reputation. OPTIMAL SYSTEMS Jena specializes in two particular fields: the development and distribution of laboratory information management systems (LIMS), and the development of special applications for authorities and organizations with security tasks (BOS). Two areas of expertise that are of great relevance to our society. That is why our contribution to them is so important.


If you ask the colleagues there, the pride and joy of OPTIMAL SYSTEMS Konstanz is the roof terrace with its magnificent view of the Seerhein and picturesque Konstanz. Not only customer meetings are held up there – many lunch breaks are also happily spent here. The Constance colleagues serve public transport and industrial customers throughout Baden-Württemberg.


OPTIMAL SYSTEMS Leipzig is located near the Lene-Voigt-Park, in the middle of Leipzig-Reudnitz. Normally, people think of music when they think of Leipzig – Bartholdy, Wagner, Die Prinzen – but not us: We think of the sheer SAP expertise that we concentrate in this beautiful city of culture.


It was a Bavarian: In 1998, Federal President Roman Herzog, born in Lower Bavaria, spoke of a successful “symbiosis of laptop and lederhosen” when he characterized Bavaria’s transformation from an agricultural to a high-tech location. Since then, a lot has happened, and not only in Bavaria. Our strong team of sales, consulting and support successfully supports all Bavarian customers at the Munich site on their optimal path towards digitization of their documents and business processes.


With a population of around 520,000, Nuremberg is the second largest city in Bavaria after Munich and the German city of peace and human rights. The “Bavarian North” is also the center of life and work for many people, with many medium-sized companies, socially valuable social organizations and institutions. With our location in Nuremberg, we are therefore close to our customers and together we implement successful DMS/ECM projects locally.


Since 2009, OPTIMAL SYSTEMS has also maintained a presence in Stuttgart, more precisely, in the heart of the baroque city of Ludwigsburg, specializing in sales territories in the south-west of Germany. The Stuttgart region is not only the engine of Swabia, but one of the engines of Germany. With our highly specialized solutions, we are happy to make our contribution.

Belgrad / Serbia

It really struck us when we were creating this landing page: OPTIMAL SYSTEMS has a subconscious tendency to settle close to the water. Thus, we also maintain a base near the Danube, more precisely in Belgrade, the “white city” and capital of Serbia. Unlike many other locations in our Group, Belgrade focuses mainly on research and development.

Frauenfeld / Switzerland

When we were looking for a location for our Swiss site in this country, which is not lacking in beautiful areas, we finally chose the charming Frauenfeld, not far from our branch office in Constance. OPTIMAL SYSTEMS Switzerland specializes in solutions for the Swiss market and also acts as a general contact for ECM customers there.

Vienna / Austria

Three operas, lots of museums, the Viennese Schnitzel or the Viennese Sachertorte. The city of Vienna truly has a lot to offer and is rightly the most livable city in the world. We already knew more than 10 years ago: OPTIMAL SYSTEMS has to move to the capital of Austria. With the sales headquarters, all inquiries from this country are processed and all customers in Austria are looked after. We also realize our own solutions for local requirements and compliance. Our office is located in the south of the city, on Perfektastraße.