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enaio® software and ECM solutions from the OPTIMAL SYSTEMS site in Hamburg quickly make your IT project a reality – in a simple, efficient way

Easily Digitalize Your Mailbox and Your Inbox

The Internet was still in its infancy at the dawn of the digital revolution in the 1990s, and companies worked with cumbersome file folders. Meanwhile, OPTIMAL SYSTEMS had already stepped into the future. Our mission has always been to make the world of digital documents a reality.

OPTIMAL SYSTEMS Hamburg, a company in the OPTIMAL SYSTEMS Group, has been providing proven enaio® solutions since 2012. Our team consists of IT specialists with years of ECM experience.

Our customers include companies from the fields of industry, maritime logistics, construction, and retail.

What makes our solutions unique? The wide variety of interfaces that enable easy integration into existing IT infrastructures. Our solutions have won numerous awards for their user-friendliness, and we offer mobile options that let users work at all times, from all locations – even offline.

Our top solutions

OPTIMAL SYSTEMS offers solutions for a wide range of scenarios.
Our ECM software can be adapted to your needs.

Customers from the Group

We are proud of our 2,000+ product installations within the OPTIMAL SYSTEMS group – this success serves to motivate us even further.


Initially, employees feared that a new work and project management application in accounting would make things more complicated. But it soon became clear that the new solution is convenient, speeds up work, and helps to improve the overall quality.

Ralf Tischler, Project Manager for Labor Organization & Accounting, ADAC Hansa

Your heart beats digitally?
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We are looking for tinkerers, planners, visionaries – in short: go-getters who want to support our customers on their way to digitization. You don’t have to be an IT specialist, but simply a specialist in your own field – be it consulting, human resources, customer support or software development.

Our Partners

Strong partners are the key to success. Thanks to our network of technology and solution partners, enaio® is used in all kinds of different scenarios.

Your Point of Contact in Hamburg

Mirwan Issa, Sales & Partner Management OPTIMAL SYSTEMS Hamburg

Mirwan Issa

Sales & Partner Management

Mirwan Issa

Managing Director, OPTIMAL SYSTEMS Hamburg

Mirwan Issa studied Foreign Trade/International Management in Hamburg. His professional career led him to Siemens, Axel Springer and Ceyoniq, where he worked as Sales Manager for several years. During his assignments in London and Shanghai he successfully deepened his sales experience. Since 2012 he has been working as sales manager for OPTIMAL SYSTEMS Hamburg. In October 2019 he took over the management of this location.

Mirwan Issa and his team are specialized in the implementation of proven solutions. Around 80% of the projects focus on invoice processing, contract management, business partner records and personnel records.