Solution: Incoming Mail – Increased Organization Through Digitalization

Cleaning up the Inbox

enaio® ensures order

The volume of incoming mail in companies often reaches an order of magnitude that conventional software can no longer handle – or that can only be managed by investing a lot of man-hours and money.

enaio®’s inbox and mail distribution solution meets all legal requirements, and it significantly accelerates and optimizes your mail distribution.

  • Digital inbox
  • Significantly reduced throughput times
  • Flexible work distribution
  • Reduction of manual pre-sorting
  • Audit-proof archiving
A diagram illustrating the process of digitizing incoming mail during the enao capture process.
Inbox management with enaio®
Specialized function modules execute the work steps automatically

Digitizing analog processes

Incoming mail is rapidly captured in a fully automated manner, even when handling large volumes.

All data within easy reach thanks to digitalization

Validation in the course of processing incoming mail ensures the validity and plausibility of data. enaio® provides you with the appropriate modules for this.

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