3 DMS systems. One goal. Your decision.


We’ll get it done.

On-premises or in the cloud, highly scalable and customized: yuuvis® Momentum is the powerful content services platform for your own web applications with outstanding performance.


We’ll get it done.

Fast time-to-market, data modeling with no-code tools, and easy document management: yuuvis® RAD is an innovative rapid application development tool that can do much more.


We’ll get it done.

With enaio® you digitize your entire corporate knowledge. Immediately applicable, quickly integrable into existing solutions and proven for 30 years.

Our DMS systems at a glance

with solutiuons

enaio® – the enterprise all-in-one suite, also for specialized use cases: A full feature DMS for sophisticated IT architectures.

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yuuvis® RAD is enterprise content management that adapts to your business. Take control of your ECM. For a short time-to-market.

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app building

yuuvis® Momentum unleashes your creativity with a cloud-native microservices technology stack. For maximum flexibility and performance.

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enaio® is a comprehensive full feature DMS made in Germany that meets the highest demands. Reinvent your information management – with electronic files, cross-site collaboration, automated processes and audit-proof archiving. Take the step to a paperless office now and benefit from more efficiency in all your business processes.

  • Know-how in one place: With enaio® as your central document management system, you unleash the potential of your workforce and put an end to knowledge silos.
  • As flexible as your employees: Experience effective, powerful home office. And thanks to the browser and mobile client, remote work is also possible from any device.
  • Make paper clutter a thing of the past: With electronic contract management and digital record keeping, you’ll never lose track.
  • Automated workflows: Document routing means your documents always find the right destination. For a carefree end of the day.
  • An end to media breaks: enaio® enables clear versioning and unrestricted data flow across all applications.
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You have your own idea for a content-centric application? We have the tools: yuuvis® Momentum is a powerful content services platform that can manage billions of documents. Build your own ECM systems with our cloud-native platform for intelligent document management. And run them wherever you want: on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid scenarios.

  • Scalable and Big Data enabled. Flexibly adapt individual services to the workload – thanks to the microservices architecture. Process billions of documents in a single system instance with high-performance search.
  • Ideal technology stack. Reduce Oracle, VMWare, Windows Server or SQL Server costs to zero. No commercial software required. We have what you need for your DMS system.
  • Docker/Kubernetes-based. You have the choice between Linux, Windows or almost any public cloud.
  • Hybrid. Move from on-premises to Google Cloud, Azure or AWS without code migration. Or outsource individual services to the cloud during peak loads. You can set the timing to suit your needs.
  • Multi-tenancy. Run applications for multiple customers within one system instance. Perform updates on the fly – with no downtime. For low operating costs and reduced maintenance.