Solution: Using enaio® for document management

The Office of the Future Needs No Paper

Digitally manage documents with enaio®

The document management functions of enaio® streamline the creation of documents and information of various types and control how they are processed, accessed and exchanged between various persons. This solution thus helps you to efficiently control and organize the flow of information in your company. You and your employees gain full transparency over who made changes to which documents and when.

  • Manage all data, information, and documents on a single platform.
  • Context-related storage and archiving using intelligent objects and electronic records
  • Comprehensive search options, version control, and collaboration functions
  • Supports deep integration with business applications and mobile working
  • High security standards as regards access and authorizations
A diagram illustrating the document management process.
Electronic documents, paper-based records, and letters
A central filing system helps to keep things neat and structured
A computer screen displaying a document, exemplifying efficient document management.

Keeping track of things

Digital records, comprehensive search components, preview, and note functions – all in a single DMS.

Consistent transparency

The document history provides information on editors and changes, and all relevant data remains visible at all times.

A laptop with a screen displaying a list of tasks for document management.
A computer screen displaying a spreadsheet for efficient document management.

Stay informed

The subscription and follow-up functions ensure perfect workflows across the entire business.

  • A central platform for information and documents

  • Bundling information in electronic records

  • Easily manage metadata as well as document and file types in the appropriate context

  • Integrated content preview for document display

  • Eliminate media discon­tinuities

  • Integrated BPM, groupware, and collaboration functions

  • Visualization of various organizational structures

Create and Edit Digital Documents

enaio® offers numerous options for the efficient handling of electronic documents. For example, Microsoft Office is connected via a plugin interface. This means that Office documents can be created and edited in enaio®.

Thanks to sophisticated version management, enaio® users always work with the current version of a document. In addition, they can automatically transfer metadata, text modules, or other elements from enaio® into the document to be processed, including records, registers, documents, document parts, tables, or images.

  • Create and edit Office documents directly in enaio®

  • Call enaio® functions directly from within Office

  • Comprehensive version management

  • Integrated template administration incl. automatic data import

  • Check-out/check-in prevents redundant processing

  • Easy creation of notes and virtual slides

  • Optional feature: scanning & classifying incoming documents & receipts

  • Find information quickly via targeted index, full-text, and filing structure searches and thanks to clearly structured hit lists

  • Targeted document distribution via digital workflows for release and processing

  • Internal sending of document links

  • External sending of documents by e-mail (native, as PDF or ZIP)

  • Automatic follow-up reminder function

  • Subscription of automatic reminders about work items, new creation or changes to objects

enaio® Interfaces – Certified Variety

You can then conveniently distribute your information via digital workflows, internal links to the documents in the ECM system, or externally as e-mail attachments to collaborate with other enaio® users, employees, or even partners. Useful tools such as follow-up reminders and subscriptions further ease the workload of your employees.

  • Simple or audit-proof archiving of information and documents

  • Unambiguous proof of origin and authenticity by integrating an electronic signature

  • Clear control of access & authorizations in the network

  • Comprehensive logging of editing histories and processes

  • Numerous interfaces to ERP, groupware, e-mail, CRM, and other specialist systems

  • Incoming mail is directly mapped to enaio®

  • Direct storage and management of e-mails in enaio® from the e-mail application (e.g., Outlook)

  • The load on external systems is significantly reduced by outsourcing data and documents

  • Display of context-based information from the leading system

  • Numerous import and export functions

  • REST and Web service interfaces

More than 2,000 enaio® customers – that’s one of them

St. Galler Kantonalbank

St. Galler Kantonalbank (SGKB) has introduced a new, efficient document management system that meets the latest requirements and optimally supports the work of its customer consultants. 

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