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Reliable Pensions with Paperless Administration

Versorgungswerk Zahnärztekammer Berlin (VZB)

  • Founded in 1965
  • 10,000 paper files have been digitalized

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Digital administration and processes

Pension funds mean just one thing: lots of administration and lots of communication. The same is true for the Versorgungswerk Zahnärztekammer Berlin (VZB), the pension fund for the dentists’ association of Berlin, Germany, a body which has been in operation since 1965. Efficient management of all information regarding members, employers, and financial investments, and of all written correspondence plays a crucial role at the VZB. In order to completely convert its existing document management and working procedures to digital processes, the VZB deployed OPTIMAL SYSTEMS’ ECM software in 2013 and has been slowly integrating the system into its administrative processes.

The ECM solutions not only increase automation in the process workflows, they also save on paper and space, provide uniform storage for all file types, speed up committee work, and simplify compliance with statutory retention periods. Thanks to this solution, the VZB can ensure that its administrative work functions smoothly in the long-term, so that its members in Berlin and Bremen can build a solid foundation for their retirement.

OPTIMAL SYSTEMS offers the best solution for the target specifications we created.

Ralf Wohltmann, Director, Versorgungswerk Zahnärztekammer Berlin

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