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Münsterland Clinic

  • Clinic built in the mid-90s
  • About 200 single rooms
  • More than 30 treatment programs

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Fast benefits:
lower costs, higher efficiency

Münsterland Clinic in Bad Rothenfelde is one of the best equipped rehabilitation clinics of Deutsche Rentenversicherung Westfalen. It has nearly 200 beds and is specialized in the rehabilitation of patients with orthopedic ailments as well as those of rheumatological nature. The close cooperation with many acute-care hospitals, the medical faculties of various universities, in particular the University of Münster, and the North Rhine-Westphalian Rehabilitation Research Association ensures a high level of treatment according to the latest scientific knowledge.

Landesversicherungsanastalt Westfalen, which is today known as Deutsche Rentenversicherung Westfalen, already decided in 2000 to automatically generate discharge reports in order to submit them to the payers as soon as possible.

Another requirement of the Müsterland Clinic was a leading system that could interconnect with already existing subsystems. The solution furthermore needed to be able to manage all patient data relevant for treatment in digital format and support all treatment processes as well as scientific evaluation.

The digital dictation tool, combined with electronic speech recognition in the enaio® solution for rehabilitation clinics, has proven particularly useful as it helps to save a lot of time. The ability to create discharge reports at the push of a button is no longer ‘science fiction’ for Münsterland Clinic, but has become a frequently used reality. enaio® for rehabilitation clinics made this possible by providing an appropriate internal logic component that automatically and efficiently assembles the individual components of the report as needed.

Lowering our cost as well as significantly improving quality and efficiency – those are the immediate and noticeable ‘consequences’ of introducing enaio® from OPTIMAL SYSTEMS at the Münsterland Clinic.

Wilhelm Brokfeld, Head of Administration, Münsterland Clinic

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