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Stadtwerke Jena-Pößneck GmbH

  • Energy supplier since 1992
  • 70,000 customers
  • 23 power plants

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Energy supplier relies on ECM

Stadtwerke Jena-Pößneck GmbH, a subsidiary of Technische Werke Jena, was founded in 1992 and supplies around 70,000 customers in apartments, commercial, and industrial operations with gas, district heating, and electricity in the Thuringian city of Jena and in the surrounding area. Stadtwerke service offices and associated companies also offer energy and water services as well as comprehensive services for residential and commercial properties, technical facilities, telecommunications, and billing services.

The company’s distributed locations (office buildings, home offices, city center, Pößneck, Zwätzen, Camburg, etc.) and the majority of customer centers (office buildings in Pößneck) impacted the workflows and made it difficult to access information and documents. The aim of the project was to improve these work processes and make them more flexible. Another goal for branch offices was to gain access to customer files anytime in order to ensure that employees can always act on and provide up-to-date information. The project was furthermore expected to result in space savings.

The decisive criteria for choosing the OPTIMAL SYSTEMS solution was the excellent scalability of the system. This allowed a successive introduction of different modules, which were implemented in the different departments in staged manner. Further benefits of the system include audit-proof storage of documents in an unalterable format. Data is stored in a tamper-proof manner during archiving and is converted into a digital format for secure long-term storage. The customer is already planning to further expand the use of the document management and archiving system.

Word of the advantages of the archiving system has made the rounds among users in no time. It has quickly developed into one of the most important corporate applications and has gained high acceptance among users due to the time and resource savings it delivers.

Eckehard Müller, Project Engineer, Stadtwerke Jena-Pößneck

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