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Kindernothilfe e. V.

  • almost 60 years in service for children in need
  • active in 31 countries
  • 313.100 Dispenser
  • 1,000 honorary employees
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Kindernothilfe e. V. is one of the largest relief organizations in Germany and has been committed to helping children in need since 1959. It supports almost two million children and their families in 31 countries. The broad network includes organisations in Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

Because Kindernothilfe operates internationally, it does not just need a tool for storing and filing documents. Knowledge must be accessible and divisible in a simple form from anywhere. Documents and files for many different processes are also stored, regardless of how they are later searched for.

The users of Kindernothilfe are a heterogeneous group. A file repository must therefore be very flexible. If employees can adapt their own working environment for themselves, then they will find their way around easily. enaio® takes an innovative approach here and offers two options: flexible designs that users can adapt individually and clear specifications where company processes require it. When documents such as receipts, project reports, financial plans or concepts are stored in an ongoing project, these are often “living” documents: they are processed many times and change continuously. enaio® enables versioning that ensures that nothing is lost. A sophisticated filing structure and a user-friendly interface enable employees to develop a common view of Kindernothilfe’s projects.

A mover and shaker reports – enaio® in use at Kindernothilfe

A mover and shaker reports – enaio® in use at Kindernothilfe

We have enormously increased employee satisfaction through enaio®, as the company knowledge is accessible to everyone.

Andreas Fischer, Head of IT, Kindernothilfe e. V.

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