MVV is a digital pioneer and uses our ECM already for 20 years

MVV Energie

  • 6.100 employees
  • Tradition since 1873
  • 4 Bio. euro turnover (2019)

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MVV is a digital pioneer and uses our ECM already for 20 years

As one of the supply companies of the MVV Group, MVV Energie offers solutions for all aspects of electricity, district heating, gas, water and non-recyclable waste recycling as well as other energy services. At MVV, around 6,100 employees generate a turnover of more than 4 billion euros per year..

MVV Energie has been using solutions by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS since 1998. Apart from the wide range of functions offered, an essential factor in the decision was the possibility to extend the solution by own employees and to adapt it to industry-specific requirements. With enaio®, MVV Energie now has a solution for the energy industry which completely covers all requirements specific to energy providers with regard to filing structures, automated invoice receipt, connection to industry-specific ERP systems as well as the administration of all documents, such as consumption statements, contract documents, system documentation or house connection files. Any number of documents can be captured, archived in a legally compliant manner and, with high access frequencies, made available to locally distributed employees.

“The solutions realized with enaio® have convinced us from the very beginning, so that the range of functions and the range of applications have been continuously expanded – to a large extent by our employees”, explains Roland Geiger of Soluvia IT-Services, which is responsible for the IT service sector at MVV Energie. The certification of enaio® according to TÜVIT/VOI criteria proves that the safety and data protection requirements for proper and audit-proof operation are met.

85 % digital documents

Currently, about 450 employees work with enaio®. More than 11 million documents with a storage volume of approx. 500 GB are managed, and every year approx. 3.6 million pages are added. 85% of the documents are digitally created and transferred to enaio® without media discontinuity. The integration into the existing IT landscape played an important role. A certified interface ensures a close connection to SAP R/3 with the modules for Energy Management SAP IS-U, for Planning and Maintenance SAP PM and for Human Resources SAP HR. In addition, the Contango system for energy trading is connected. enaio® provides a business view of all customers and offers quick access to documents or complete files, research is carried out in enaio® or via SAP IS-U, and the results are displayed in enaio® client. In the branch offices, documents from sales and accounting can be accessed online via the enaio® webclient.

Personnel file and invoice receipt processing – with SAP integration

The electronic personnel file is a comprehensive solution with a connection to SAP HR, with which all current and legacy documents relating to personnel and pay scale matters, personnel side files including powers of attorney and signature verification are managed. There are almost no more paper files in the personnel department. Access to information is accelerated enormously.

Incoming invoices are captured, classified, compared with SAP R/3 and transferred to an electronic workflow for further processing. The responsible employees receive an e-mail notification with a link to the enaio® application, and processing takes place via the inbox in the web client. All invoices pass through the company electronically, waiting and idle times are reduced. Approximately 500 invoices per day are processed through automatic invoice verification and payment approval.

Advantages at a glance

  • Contract management in great variety: license, purchase, employment, service, company, waste disposal, supply contracts and much more
  • Different capture scenarios for incoming invoices
  • Management and audit-proof archiving of business critical documents
  • Online connection from other locations
  • Integration into the existing IT infrastructure

infografik document lifecycle management

Contract Lifecycle Management

MS Office programs are directly integrated in the contract management. The entire lifecycle of all contracts from creation and processing to release and secure archiving is mapped electronically. The current versions of the contracts are managed at a central location with defined filing criteria, thus avoiding multiple filings. Risks are minimized, legal retention periods are met and losses of contracts or parts of contracts are excluded.

Storage in “virtual cabinets”

The filing structure includes numerous virtual cabinets for areas such as personnel, customer files or connection objects. Depending on the creation process, documents enter enaio®. Old files or invoices are scanned in different capture scenarios including barcode recognition and automatic classification. Print or spool files are divided into individual pages during COLD import and the keyworded documents are then imported into enaio® in the right places. Data from SAP R/3 is converted into the desired document formats and stored in the right place in enaio® via a certified standard interface, including index data, so that it can then be searched for both from enaio® and SAP R/3. MS Office documents can be stored either directly or as TIFF or PDF.

Transit, storage and throughput times have been shortened through automated process processing, and multiple filing as well as long search, sorting and filing times have been avoided. Collaboration and quality of work have improved and space has been saved with the disappearance of the filing cabinets. Intelligent incoming mail processing makes it possible to forward invoices electronically from the mailroom to the right desk.

Sources of error are eliminated and more transparency is achieved. As a big advantage of enaio®, Soluvia IT-Services emphasizes that the solution can be expanded later.

There are no more files lying around, all documents are immediately at hand. Because of the accelerated access to the personnel file directly at the workplace, employees are no longer hesitant to look again for security reasons. With the manual file, this was not always possible, because they did not always know where it was. Now everybody knows where each file is.

Christiane Faust, Head of personnel service center, MVV Energie

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