Solution: the enaio® webclient

Dynamic, Flexible, Mobile Working

… on your device

Mobile with the enaio® webclient
A compatible web browser as a universal access gateway on many mobile device types

Decision-makers, managers, and employees require practical, intelligent tools to optimize their day-to-day mobile work. Using enaio®, you can be productive all the time and anywhere in the world, working online or on your mobile device.

enaio® provides you with quick and easy access to business information. You can respond to the latest developments at any time and make decisions faster, while enjoying the highest standards of security.

  • Fast, mobile access to company information anywhere in the world
  • Search, manage, send, and edit company documents on the go
  • Digital workflows (e.g., for notification and approval)
  • Subscriptions and follow-ups for your documents
  • High level of security thanks to encryption and central access permissions

Keeping track of things

Digital records, comprehensive search components, preview, and note functions – all in a single DMS.

Fast searches in the enaio® webclient

Filter orders, delivery notes, and letters according to your personal search criteria.

Work Optimally on Your Cell Phone, Tablet, or Other Device

Mobile working with the enaio® webclient

The OPTIMAL SYSTEMS webclient provides easy access to your ECM system via your browser. This is available from your mobile workstation, with no need to do without any of the important functions you are familiar with from the user interface on your desktop system. Your information is up-to-date right up to the last minute before a deadline is reached. All internal company information can be accessed in enaio® at any time.

You can use the webclient to trigger workflows and add them to the company-wide ECM system. Options like follow-ups and subscriptions are available for this purpose. You can search for files or open documents stored on your desktop. You can create and save document searches, or they can be created by your administrator and published by you.

  • Simple, intuitive user interface

  • Access to company documents or data and your personal enaio® favorites whenever you want

  • enaio® client provides a highly comprehensive range of functions

  • Drag & drop functions, e.g., for inserting documents

  • Speed up response times and increase your ability to provide information

On the road in all languages

Unicode projects with the enaio® webclient

With the enaio® webclient you can easily realize Unicode projects with the version enaio® 9.10. Thus, enaio® allows data management using foreign language (e.g. Russian or Chinese) characters very easily via the index data or workflow masks. In addition, you can search and manage data in any character set using full text search. Other functions such as subscriptions, workflows and follow-ups are also available in several languages based on Unicode capability.

Using the enaio® interface to Microsoft Office, it is possible to connect Office documents (Office NG Add-in) as well as archive e-mails (Outlook NG Add-in) in the Unicode standard.

enaio® mobile

Your ECM as app for tablet and phone

Do you want to use the enaio® webclient on the go?

Benefit from the entire functional diversity of the Enterprise Content Management solution: for Tablets, iPhone and Android Smartphones (available from version 9).

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