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Significantly accelerated invoice processing

TEKAEF Büroleben GmbH

  • 65 Employees
  • receives around 30,000 incoming invoices per year
  • Annual turnover of 63 million euros

TEKAEF logo on a black background.

The TEKAEF Büroleben GmbH uses enaio® successfully

Digitalisation makes office life easier. TEKAEF Büroleben has already caught on to this trend at an early stage and put the previously cumbersome processing by post and digitally incoming invoices on a new, efficient basis: with the ECM software from OPTIMAL SYSTEMS. The internationally active group of companies now controls the entire invoicing process with the ECM solution and exchanges relevant invoice data with Microsoft Dynamics AX via the ERP interface.

The advantages: a significant reduction in the processing times of incoming invoices; better information through the linking of the digitalized invoices with the ERP master data; clear filing of invoices, delivery notes, correspondence and much more.

The ECM software enaio® and its uncomplicated operation convinced TEKAEF so much that the company not only uses the software in-house, but also includes it in its range of solutions for its own customers.

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