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Digital patient file paves the way to hospital 4.0

Stiftung Mathias-Spital Rheine

  • Comprises 15 specialist departments
  • over 1.000 beds
  • more than 150 years of history

The logo for Mathias Stiftung, a foundation in Rheine dedicated to Mathias Spital.

With software solutions for clinics and
Hospitals optimize their processes

The Mathias Hospital in Rheine is a modern hospital with a special focus and more than 150 years of history. With a successful IT infrastructure, the hospital is a pioneer in terms of digitization and is well on the way to becoming “Hospital 4.0”. The OPTIMAL SYSTEMS software plays a major role in this. With our software solutions for clinics and hospitals, the Mathias Hospital optimizes its processes, shortens information paths and gives employees more time for the actual treatment of patients.

Some application examples from everyday life: A mobile visit trolley allows a view into the digital patient file during the visit; when a doctor’s letter is created, the patient data and findings are transferred automatically; electrocardiograms (ECG) are automatically filed in the ECM system on a patient and case-by-case basis.

Hospital 4.0 refers to a modern organization that works digitally throughout, in which there is no (or hardly any) analogue information. Many hospitals are still at the beginning of digitalization. However, there are already others that have made considerable progress and are leading the way in terms of digitisation. These include the Mathias Hospital in Rheine.

Karsten Renz, Former CEO, OPTIMAL SYSTEMS

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