Solution: Integrate medical information systems (HIS, etc.) into enaio®

Digitisation in the health care sector

Connect enaio® to medical information systems

enaio® is a highly integrative platform for clinical healthcare that works in the background and consolidates, controls and distributes all documentation, information and data streams. To be able to manage all information in a central data and document pool, there are standardized interfaces to all common HIS, laboratory systems (LIS), RIS/PACS, ERP and other subsystems.

Versatile functions for targeted research and retrieval are supplemented by full text search. This guarantees fast, targeted access to all documents, whether in the treatment context or across all cases.

  • Interface connection to HIS solutions such as Dedalus ORBIS, Cerner, CGM MEDICO, Nexus and many more
  • Adding a document management system to specialist procedures
  • Workflows, search functions, digital files and more
A diagram illustrating the ecuuos platform's digital patient record.
enaio® integrates the medical environment
Data management from a single source, linked to all departments

Audit-proof, evidence-preserving, process-oriented

  • No double data storage through interoperable availability between individual medical areas

  • Management of medical data, information and documents from various subsystems (e.g. laboratory, radiology, ECG, HIS, appointment and care management) in uniform digital patient files

  • Exchange and archiving of data and documents according to the telematics guidelines of the German health care system

  • Automated creation of doctor’s letters, e-reports, etc. through data transfer of patient master data, findings data, diagnoses and therapies including ICPM codes, etc. and text modules

More than 2,000 enaio® customers – that’s one of them

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Kinderkrankenhaus Wilhelmstift

In order to ensure efficient data management, Katholische Kinderkrankenhaus Wilhelmstift GmbH decided to introduce a modern archiving solution. After an in-depth review of solutions from various providers, Katholische Kinderkrankenhaus Wilhelmstift GmbH opted for the enaio® enterprise content management software from OPTIMAL SYSTEMS.

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