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Industry company expands own existing ECM solution

LABOM Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH

  • Founded over 50 years ago
  • Over 180 employees
  • 40 Agencies abroad

The LABOM logo for industriale messtechnik.

LABOM dispenses with paper filing
and gains in efficiency

LABOM Mess- und Regeltechnik GmbH is a German and international industrial company specializing in pressure and temperature measurement technology. In 2013, the company replaced the existing isolated DMS solution of the purchasing department with a company-wide ECM system based on the OPTIMAL SYSTEMS solution.

LABOM’s requirements for an ECM system were manifold, because a digital archive was already in use, which was used intensively by the purchasing department in particular. This department already processed its order processes digitally at that time and incoming invoices were recorded digitally, but were still stored in paper form. Therefore, the purchasing department proposed to integrate even more advanced functions and processes into the digital document workflow. Among other things, an incoming invoice workflow was to ensure that incoming invoices only had to be stored digitally in the future. In other areas of the company, such as sales, the management accelerated the switch to digital document management.

For the future further steps are planned for the development of the ECM system. The processing of incoming invoices is to be automated to a greater extent and an archive for e-mail archiving is to be created. Furthermore, LABOM would also like to introduce the electronic personnel file, a digital sales file and digital contract files.

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