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DEPOT and iPuro Brand Stores in Great Shape – Thanks to Digital Records

Gries Deco Company GmbH

  • 7,700 employees
  • More than 500 branch offices
  • €480 million in sales
  • 60 years of industry experience


Efficient HR management thanks to ECM

Gries Deco Company has been using digital personnel records, customer records, and contract management tools for many years. Its DEPOT and iPuro brand stores provide customers with home accessories and decorative articles. Due to steady growth in recent years, the requirements for a central information management have changed, prompting the company to introduce the enaio® ECM software across the company.

The optimization of HR management was one of the key goals of this digitization project. This included setting up a digital personnel record that integrates with the existing management software.

The Office integration of enaio® in combination with predefined text modules ensured standardized personnel management correspondence and delivered considerable efficiency gains.

In a second step, the entire applicant management system was fundamentally restructured. Leveraging the existing applicant portal, application documents and personnel data were transferred to the new digital personnel record and linked to the specialist procedures. As a result, processes were substantially accelerated and the flow of information within the company was improved.

Introducing this solution has made a huge difference. Everything is drawn from things we know from normal, everyday work. There are cabinets, folders, and records – our employees are familier with those and get their bearings quickly. From today’s perspective, the ECM system has become an indispensable tool.

Holger Rommel, Head of IT & Organization, Gries Deco Company

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