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ECM for Personnel and Workflow Management

Augsburger Allgemeine at Presse- Druck- und Verlags GmbH

  • Founded in 1945
  • 4,000 employees
  • 1.7 million daily readers
  • €287 million in sales

The logo for mediengruppe presseduck exemplifies the essence of Mediengruppe Pressedruck.

Holistic digital document management and SAP integration

What started off as a traditional newspaper publisher more than 70 years ago is today the member of a modern media group with a broad offering. The unique media group delivers all media and related services to the region from a single source, consolidated under the Mediengruppe Pressedruck umbrella brand. With a daily circulation of around 665,000 newspapers and around 1.7 million readers per day, the media group is the seventh largest newspaper publisher in Germany.

The introduction of the various ECM solutions for personnel, project, contract, and workflow management was handled by internal IT specialists of Mediengruppe Pressedruck right from the start.

Today, all commercial and project-related documents created in the media conglomerate are stored exclusively in enaio® from OPTIMAL SYSTEMS. This means that any authorized employee across the entire company can access this data. This also does away with file system-based archiving, which has been replaced by audit-proof storage. Mediengruppe Pressedruck uses enaio® for contract management and  invoice management. The digital personnel record, project documentation, and workflow management solutions have also been implemented to further support the company’s employees in their daily work.

As part of the introduction of SAP at Presse-, Druck- und Verlags GmbH, workflow-based incoming invoice verification was implemented in SAP HANA in 2016.

The most visible benefit of enaio® is that we now have a central archiving system that replaced our previous hodge-podge of drives and individual dedicated systems.

Stefan Hoser, IT Project Manager, Mediengruppe Pressedruck

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