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13 September 2018

Best of OS User Days 2018

The OS User Days take place every year, but it’s never routine: new topics, new focuses and above all new users ensure that every event has its own face. This is especially true for the OS User Days 2018: We took two days to exchange ideas with enaio® users and partners, to gather suggestions and criticism – and of course to have a good time together.

Lectures and something to enjoy

After being welcomed by the CEO of OPTIMAL SYSTEMS, Karsten Renz, COO Gregor Wolf explained the strategy of the enaio® product line for the coming years. Then the detailed work began: Highlights of the new product version 9.0 as well as the new collaboration solution enaio® coLab were demonstrated.

Above all, however, the users had the opportunity to report from practical experience: How do they use enaio® on site? Which solutions are important? What do they expect in the future? Lectures and expert discussions offered enough space for these and other questions, before keynote speaker and mentalist Dr. Florian Ilgen gave an impressive lecture on the subconscious and its role in digital change.

Everybody wanted to play

There was a little extra during the breaks: The participants could play enaio® The Game on tablets and enter their points in the high score list.

The event ended with a presentation by Chief Technology Evangelist Dr. Olaf Holst. Afterwards, the winners of the enaio® game could accept their prize.

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