Eine Frau im Business-Anzug unterhält sich in einer Besprechung mit einer anderen Frau.Eine Frau im Business-Anzug unterhält sich in einer Besprechung mit einer anderen Frau.Eine Frau im Business-Anzug unterhält sich in einer Besprechung mit einer anderen Frau.

10 January 2018

Why Should You Digitalize Your HR Management?

Documents from applicants, employee contracts, HR forms, payroll information – Human Resources and Controlling work daily with countless documents and enormous amounts of personal data.

Drive digitalization in your HR department. Why? It’s really simple: Keep track of the big picture, reduce costs of processing, and save time and money.

Digital HR records

Digital records are the central building blocks of digital HR management. The records bundle all employee-specific information and documents (such as HR data, certificates, e-mails, photos, contracts, payroll data, etc.)

Digital processes

Digitalization and automation of processes using electronic workflows holds great potential for greater efficiency. The following examples show you how it is possible to make workflows more efficient – for your employees.

HR management with enaio®

Provide effective support for a range of activities from applications to bonus pay-outs: The digital HR record from OPTIMAL SYSTEMS bundles all your employee documents, manages them in an audit-proof manner, and links them with the master data of the specialist applications for your payroll accounting. All documents in the electronic applicant record can be clearly managed and the individual stages of the work processes can be conveniently planned in the system with enaio®. Clerks can also complete their work using templates and mail merge functions, making it easier to engage in correspondence with applicants.

The standard functions are optimally supplemented by the integration of digital workflows. In addition, you can link the HR records with business trip or leave approval workflows, thus further streamlining the HR processes in your HR department.


  • Uniform, audit-proof administration of HR documents and processes
  • Company-wide access to important HR information
  • Clear regulation of access rights with variable tiering
  • HR, application, hiring, and vacation leave workflows
  • Transparency in HR planning based on skills profiles, certificate management
  • Close connection to Microsoft Office and integrated template administration

Our ECM software enaio® from OPTIMAL SYSTEMS supports your HR in many ways. We can offer a face-to-face presentation with our ECM experts.