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    for the Fields of Industry and Administration

    We know what companies and public authorities need to work efficiently, digitally.
    We know the region; we have deep roots in the German state of Baden-Württemberg.

Creating a Regional Digital Hub

If you look back at the last 20 years, you could say that a revolution really has taken place.

OPTIMAL SYSTEMS Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH Konstanz has been part of it from the start. Ever since 1995, our mission has been to make e-government a reality. Back then, the idea seemed a bit crazy, since paper documents were ubiquitous.

In Baden-Württemberg alone, over 400 customers from the field of public administration, along with 40+ industrial concerns and service providers, currently work with our solutions provided from Konstanz and based on the enaio® digital document management software from OPTIMAL SYSTEMS.

Now, enaio® is used at a municipal government level in over 80 districts in Baden-Württemberg. This makes us a leading provider of administration software for public authorities in this region. Small and medium-sized industrial enterprises as well as major corporations know and appreciate our expertise, and use our software.

What makes our solutions so special? A wide variety of interfaces make it possible to integrate the solutions with virtually any specialist process. Plus, we boast years of experience that have made us intimately familiar with the needs of the public and private sector. Last but not least, we remain true to our vision of a digital future – which we have upheld for over two decades.

Our top solutions

OPTIMAL SYSTEMS offers solutions for many scenarios.
That’s because our ECM software can be adapted to your needs.

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Glowing References – based on Years of Trust

Over 80 percent of the districts and independent cities in Baden-Württemberg rely on OPTIMAL SYSTEMS software.

What’s more, many organizations from other areas have also chosen our solutions.

Stadt Freiburg

Customer since 2004


Customer since 2004


Customer since 2016

Stadtwerke Pforzheim

Customer since 2005

Landratsamt Konstanz

Customer since 2004

Stadt Metzingen

Customer since 2014


Customer since 2008

ADAC Hansa

Customer since 2014

Anita Dr. Helbig GmbH

Customer since 2005


Customer since 2016

Marc Cain

Customer since 2006

Zeppelin Baumaschinen

Customer since 2005

  • A solid partnership has developed, built upon the personal commitment of each individual member of the highly quality staff at OPTIMAL SYSTEMS.

    Stefan Nehls
    Software Engineer
    Zeppelin Baumaschinen
  • Overall, costs were reduced and any information found much faster and easier; the ability to provide information was increased.

    Thomas Bichler
    IT Manager

Your Point
of Contact
in Konstanz

Your Point
of Contact
in Konstanz

Jens Neuhaus

Sales & Partner Management, Administration

+49 7531 9089-0
Reichenaustraße 11a, 78467 Konstanz

Jürgen Bort

Sales & Partner Management, Industry

+49 7531 9089-0
Reichenaustraße 11a, 78467 Konstanz

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Working Together

We’re searching for innovators, planners, and visionaries; in other words, movers and shakers interested in an exciting work environment and supporting our customers along their path to digitalization.

  • Taking on every challenge, creating a solution, and celebrating successes together: That’s how work should be!

    Content Manager
  • OPTIMAL SYSTEMS has a truly flat hierarchy.

    ECM Consultant
  • When I can do something better, the whole company and every single employee stand to benefit.

    Technical Trainer


Born in 1968, Robert Ilse has been working in the area of software sales for decades. He founded ILSE Technologies in 1990 when he was still a business administration student; the company served as a sales partner for companies such as OPTIMAL SYSTEMS GmbH, which was still in its halcyon days at the time. Starting in 1995, Ilse expanded the Southern office of OPTIMAL SYSTEMS, which has been known as OPTIMAL SYSTEMS Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH Konstanz since 2010. In 2011, OPTIMAL SYSTEMS Schweiz AG, which is a full subsidiary of the Konstanz-based company, came on board.

“In today’s globalized world, regional ties are still the most important ones. We’ve been a digital pioneer here for decades. We know our way around here – and we’re successful here.”

Our Partners

Strong partners are the key to success. Thanks to our network of technology and sales partners, enaio® is used in all kinds of different scenarios.


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