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25 January 2019

The challenge: finding skilled workers

Karsten Renz, CEO of OPTIMAL SYSTEMS, comments on current economic forecasts and explains what he sees as the greatest challenge.

International economic organizations warn that the boom of the past years could come to an end. It is said that Germany and its export-oriented industry could be hit particularly hard. In an interview published in the Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung and the Frankfurter Rundschau, Karsten Renz expresses his greatest concern: “There is simply a lack of skilled workers.”

The demand is still huge

“I would hire 50 new employees on the spot if I had the right applicants,” says Karsten Renz. There is a lack of IT specialists, account managers and software developers. This should not be at the expense of the customers.

Despite the figures published in the run-up to the World Economic Forum, we cannot speak of a recession. “… even the worst forecast is based on growth and not on a shrinking economy,” the article says. OPTIMAL SYSTEMS already reacted to the lack of applicants at the beginning of 2018. A development site was opened in the Serbian capital Belgrade to support production in the Berlin headquarters.

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