Solution: Digital reconnaissance forms automatically archived

Patient information sheets for the best care

enaio® interface to E-ConsentPro mobile

Patient information forms are indispensable in the everyday treatment of all clinics. The E-ConsentPro mobile tablet solution from Thieme Compliance implements process handling completely digitally. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, information can be transmitted even more conveniently and precisely tailored to the needs of patients.

For physicians, using the solution means a welcome rationalization of workflows. The enaio® ECM solution from OPTIMAL SYSTEMS closes the gap between digital patient information and IHE-compliant archiving.

Optimum management of information forms

Master data and department, encrypted by token: patient information forms in enaio®

Ein Screenshot eines Computerbildschirms mit einer digitalen Aufklärungsdatei.

Digital Enlightenment Forms: Modern Processes for More Efficiency

Cost savings, simplified knowledge transfer, streamlined administrative processes – these are the main reasons why more and more clinics are digitizing their patient education processes. The conscious decision not to use paper-based documentation saves storage space and printing costs and at the same time reduces administrative effort, allowing physicians to focus more on their patients.

In addition, the necessary medical education gains in quality and is made more convenient through the use of descriptive information films. This increases patient satisfaction and strengthens the innovative appearance of the clinic.

The provider Thieme Compliance, as market leader for patient information forms, offers such a solution with E-ConsentPro mobile – however, only in the combined use with enaio® does the full potential of digital work open up to clinics.

Instead of requesting patient data from the hospital information system (HIS), the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution from OPTIMAL SYSTEMS shortens the information path to E-ConsentPro mobile through a direct interface and automates most of the necessary work steps. At the simple push of a button in enaio®, the patient forms are prefilled with the master data stored in the archive and transferred to E-ConsentPro mobile. The manual creation of information forms is no longer necessary. A security token generated at the same time ensures that the data remains protected and that only the patient and doctor have access.

Consistent digitalization

A tablet with an installed E-ConsentPro mobile app is handed out to the patient for an informative discussion. After entering their personal safety token, they are given access to their individualised consultation package – including a pre-filled information sheet and information videos relevant to the treatment. Doctor and patient complete the form together and sign the process directly on the tablet.

The signatures, including biometric data such as pen position and writing speed, are saved and firmly attached to the document in PDF/A format. This makes unnoticed subsequent manipulation virtually impossible. The patient information sheet is then printed out or transferred back to enaio® for revision-proof archiving and made available to all clinics as part of the patient file. The result: a seamlessly interlocking system that optimizes everyday work in hospitals across departments.

  • Digital patient information sheets

  • Audit-proof archiving

  • Authentication token

  • Autofill function for forms

  • PDF/A archiving

  • Automated data selection

Gradually, we are building a company-wide information logistics platform that will ensure knowledge transfer and transparency in the medical field and in administration.

Dr. Gunther Fritzer,  St. Vincentius-Kliniken gAG

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