Solution: IHE-compliant software for the healthcare sector with enaio®

Interoperability between all involved parties

Information exchange can save lives

Where is the use of more and more modern diagnostic technology if the exchange of information is made deliberately on paper when referring patients to a specialist, to other clinics or when they are discharged from hospital? Valuable time is lost, and the error rate of such antiquated information exchange channels is obvious. This is why OPTIMAL SYSTEMS software solutions support the “Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE)” concept, which advocates the ability to exchange information across system and organizational boundaries.


We are not only convinced of the IHE philosophy and align the design of our software solutions with the principles of IHE. OPTIMAL SYSTEMS Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH Berlin has been a member of IHE Germany for several years.

  • Excellent integration capability and scalability

  • Improved usability for existing data by integrating information islands

  • Significant increase in interoperability and intersectoral information exchange

  • Significant cuts on interfaces

  • Independent of manufacturer

A diagram demonstrating the process of creating a product using IHE compliant software.
Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE)
The world of healthcare software is growing together

More efficiency in the health sector

IHE Operation Cycle Process

  1. Users define requirements.
  2. IHE outlines application scenarios, selects implementation standards, publishes technical specifications in profiles and organizes Connectathons.
  3. Developers implement profiles in interoperable software and test them with industry partners on Connectathons.
  4. The test results are published in integration declarations and in a product registration form that serves IT managers as a source of information for implementation.
  • In contrast to proprietary solutions, interoperable solutions can be scaled without additional interfaces.

  • Interoperability is enhanced through the right use of the appropriate standards

  • IHE-compliant software can be used independent of manufacturers in various IT environments

  • Interoperability is a process-oriented rather than a technology-oriented approach

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