Solution: Innovative patient data management

Connecting enaio® to a PDMS

Minimize effort, accelerate processes

The ECM solutions from OPTIMAL SYSTEMS, designed to meet the requirements of the healthcare sector perfectly, reduce the administrative effort without impairing the information quality of the patient data management system (PDMS). On the contrary: intelligent applications bundle information centrally and accelerate processes. Automated data transfer reduces administrative effort and promotes targeted therapy.

The IHE conformity of enaio® supports interoperability with systems and devices from other manufacturers and with other medical institutions.

A diagram of a building with the words emios and emios.
enaio® and PDMS
A perfect link for seamless processes
A diagram of the Enrio Active DNS, featuring the integration of a patient data management system.

PDMS as one of several enaio® solutions that converts information from different sources into long-term formats and stores it in enaio®.

Higher efficiency and more flexibility in processes

Saving resources and sustainably increasing the quality of treatment – these are the main advantages of a PDMS that is integrated into the user’s OR or ITS station. In order to fully exploit the potential of medical administration, the ECM enaio® offers a multitude of useful modules. These enable the optimisation of daily processes with consideration to the use of external files, handwritten documents as well as medical communication and archiving.

The enaio® technology is IHE-compliant and ensures higher integration capability and scalability. The use of existing data is decisively improved by the integration of information islands.

As a result, interoperability and intersectoral information exchange will increase significantly. In this way, health administration and ECM are brought into perfect harmony. With the digital file plan enaio® brings important data and documents into a clear, transparent and economic structure. enaio® systematically aligns and facilitates the user’s document management. The filing system is flexibly adapted to the desired requirements and work processes of the medical departments.

ECM + PDMS: optimally matched

The possibilities for linking PDMS and ECM are manifold, for example via a web-based application. Thus enaio® is already available from the PDMS via an integrated web view – scanned documents can be called up directly. A system change is hardly recognizable for the end user.

An additional advantage: The merging of multiple created data as well as the admission of patients with provisional PIDs will be eliminated in the future. enaio® enables the assignment of all objects to the most current variant. The source file can be moved to the trash and deleted completely if desired. All patient files stored in the system are centrally available at any time.

In short: With enaio® the user can significantly expand the functional spectrum of their PDMS. All hospital systems and departments are linked within a central work-standard. Patient files and other sensitive document types can be archived in a traceable and secure manner in accordance with legal retention periods.

Most importantly, improved efficiency and automated workflows ensure that employees have to perform significantly fewer administrative tasks and can fully concentrate on their patient.

The most important features

  • SSRS reports: export and import reports with information on updating patient records

  • Statistical evaluation: Simple compilation of statistical surveys, e.g. quarterly accounts, medical qualifications of trainee staff, invoicing by controlling as well as documented consumption of medication

  • Service data entries: Standardization and optimization of service recording in the billing system by integrating all documentation from all service facilities in a single patient file

  • Barcodes: Digitization of barcodes on scanned documents. Goal: Higher security of data collection and data synchronization with own PDMS

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