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Central Contract Management Based on ECM

Vodafone Kabel Deutschland GmbH

  • 4,000 employees
  • 8.3 million homes connected

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Managing growing document volumes efficiently

In order to improve their contract management, Kabel Deutschland was looking for a solution to implement a central contract archive. According to the previous management scheme, the 14,000 existing long-term individual contracts were spread across 27 departments of KDG, and the number kept growing by around 5,000 contracts each year.

Key requirements included setting up common read access to the central contract portfolio for all departments and the definition of clear responsibili­ties by assigning contract owners.

In particular, we expect to benefit from a significant increase in transparency through the use of the software. For example, in the past we often had to deal with many different contract versions at meetings, but now we have a single contract version accessible to everyone at the same time.

Jörg-Friedrich Severloh, Head of Central Contract Management, Vodafone Kabel Deutschland

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