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What can you do with yuuvis® RAD?

Content Management Applications

Digitize, organize and secure knowledge across your organization for better efficiency and compliance

You have access to all accepted best practice functionalities expected from a high-end ECM. Moreover, yuuvis® RAD eliminates the conceptual distinction between metadata and documents. It equally manages data records, plain content and content associated with data, thus supporting true information management applications.

  • Capture, scanning, import, classification

  • Store and manage any type of unstructured information, files, data, in any format

  • Create, read, update, delete documents

  • Structured workflows (Business Process Management)

  • Records management and lifecycle management, long-term archiving and long-term storage

  • Compliance and auditing

  • Access authentication and authorization

  • Access logging and history

  • Versioning

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Customized applications help to protect and organize the structured and unstructured knowledge of your organization.

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Access anywhere

No matter where today’s office is located, you can quickly and easily access your documents from anywhere, anytime.

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Improve efficiency

Workflow automation and powerful search make daily life easier and free up time for more important tasks.

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Ensure compliance

Document versioning and revision-safe archiving allow complete traceability for compliance purposes.

More use cases

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Efficiently digitize paper documents to keep knowledge and data safe and easily available

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Archiving Solutions

Ensure compliance and reduce costs through digital archiving