What can you do with yuuvis® RAD?

Archiving Solutions

Ensure compliance and reduce costs through digital archiving

Reduce risk and costs

The tax audit is rapidly approaching, and you’re unsure whether all documents have been properly archived. With digital archiving, you can get rid of your paperwork. You’ll be able to easily keep track of business activities and meet governmental or industry standards. All document accesses and changes are tracked, allowing you to prove proper information handling through detailed audit tracking and reports. Centralized information governance reduces the cost of information management while also lowering the risk of fines for noncompliance.

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Always remain legally compliant by adhering to storage, deletion, access restriction, and other specifications.

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Reduce storage costs

Respond to cost-cutting pressures by digitizing paper documents, which will significantly reduce storage space and facility costs.

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Ensure long-term availability

Make sure the data is available for the duration of the retention period by using long-term storage formats and media.

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Fast access

Search millions of documents in seconds. Since access is provided via a web client, there is no need to distribute software throughout the organization.

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Efficiently digitize paper documents to keep knowledge and data safe and easily available


Content Management

Digitize, organize and secure knowledge across your organization for better efficiency and compliance