Solution: Forensic tracing with enaio® forensic-lims

Forensic technology at the highest level

Manage evidence objects, traces and material samples

enaio® forensic-lims ensures consistent control and documentation of trace processing and analysis. The automation and standardization of workflows increases the effectiveness, security and transparency of forensic investigations.

  • Processing of forensic traces from the chemical and biological field
  • Transfer of process and trace data from external systems without media discontinuity
  • Evaluate and present research results according to your own criteria.
  • Sample, reagent, device and method management (SOPs)
  • Interface to the GeneMapper® ID-X application (automatically create projects and read out results)
  • Accreditable according to ISO 17025, FDA-compliant installation
Each department manager will be responsible for the analysis of each device.
enaio® for criminalistics
Every department has special requirements – enaio® thinks them through

Automated processes in forensic work

Authorizations, evaluations and workflows: one ECM for all criminal cases

enaio® forensic-lims is a module of forensic workflow processing in enaio®. As an extension of enaio® forensic, this unique combination of enaio® forensic-lims and document management offers a maximum of flexibility and functionality. It supports automated processing and management of traces and evidence objects in a forensic context. In addition, it enables seamless and complete integration of laboratory work into the process landscape of forensic and forensic medical institutions.

  • Differentiated rights system and user administration

  • Statistical key figure calculation and resource planning

  • High degree of configurability

  • Mobile file and mobile process monitoring

  • Secure transfer of data to external laboratories

  • Deep integration into existing IT landscape

Extension possibilities

With enaio® forensic-lims enaio® offers the special solution for evidence objects. But an investigating authority consists of many departments. The cooperation between them is decisive in the investigation of criminal offences.

With an organization-wide use of enaio® as an ECM solution, you benefit from many advantages. From laboratory to media management: all data and facts are clearly arranged in one place – this saves costs and, more importantly, time when researching.

  • enaio® dakty: Extension module for visual comparison of dactyloscopic trace material

  • enaio® trasso: Extension module for visual comparison of technical shape traces

  • Mobile evidence collection

  • Asservate administration: Acquisition assistant for the admission and classification of evidence objects

  • enaio® forensic: Forensic order processing for all forensic departments

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