OPTIMAL SYSTEMS Jena’s audit for the DIN ISO 9001:2015 standard was a success.

The ISO 9001:2015 is an internationally recognized standard which provides the foundation for companies to engage in continuous improvement to meet customer needs and fulfill requirements for product and service quality. During the certification process, auditor Dekra Certification GmbH examined our individual processes and documentation, and evaluated employee involvement and active leadership on the part of management staff. To ensure continuous quality assurance and improvement in quality management, regular renewal and compliance audits form an important and integral part of this comprehensive auditing process.

By presenting OPTIMAL SYSTEMS Jena with this certification, Dekra Certification GmbH confirms the company’s commitment to quality, thereby strengthening the trust of its employees, partners, and most importantly, its customers. Our users benefit from our certified processes both because they can rely on our high standard of quality, and because they can submit the certification of their software service provider as part of their own validation process to streamline their audit. Many procedures detailed in the QM manual serve as the basis for validating internal processes. This allows companies to save time and reduce the cost of their own ISO certification.

The Quality Management Manual (QM) documents all processes and operating procedures related to project management and the creation of our Laboratory Information and Management System (lims) for various different sectors and specialist applications for public safety authorities. This enables us to document quality management at our company from the development of our solutions for different sectors and the software roll-out all the way to our support services.