Solution: enaio® coLab

Enable digital project work with enaio® coLab

The new collaboration tool

Organize joint projects, share documents, exchange information: enaio® coLab offers this and much more. The tool is deployed as an extension to the enterprise content management software from enaio® and is a digitally managed collaboration solution that encourages company-wide cooperation, regardless of location.

You can use the enaio® coLab Web client to access, edit, and share documents in virtual project rooms. You can also organize your tasks together with task lists. Experience a new form of digital teamwork with enaio® coLab.

A screenshot of a enaio® document displayed on a computer screen.

Define and implement projects – in a team

With enaio® coLab, projects can easily be created and linked to the corresponding documents.

Working with enaio® coLab

You can send messages to other project members using the comment feature.

The biggest advantage: Your coLab documents are directly linked with enaio® documents. This means you can edit the desired documents from enaio® in your coLab project room – and all participants always have access to the most recent versions. You can then archive the documents again in enaio® in an audit-proof manner.


  • Links from enaio® folders and enaio® registers to project rooms
  • Joint document creation and editing
  • Preparation of enaio® documents for external project participants
  • Integrated comment feature
  • Encryption technology for data security
  • Task planning
  • Workflow revised and more user-friendly:
    Document upload is now easier and more intuitive. Multiple documents can be downloaded simultaneously.

  • Better solution for upload conflicts:
    When documents are edited synchronously, the editors are informed of any changes made in parallel.

  • E-Mail notification for new tasks:
    Users immediately receive a notification as soon as they have been assigned a new task in coLab.

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