Make the application your own

Boost efficiency and ease of use with a tool that is tailored to your processes.

Responsive web client

One for all: The responsive web client based on HTML5 and TypeScript (Angular) works on any device. Start with the included web client, extend it, or create your own if desired. Despite the easy rollout, deep integration with desktop applications (such as Microsoft Office) is possible.

Form customizing with JavaScript

Get a sense of how simple it is to create new applications using the yuuvis® RAD designer, our primary modeling tool. See how simple and quick it is to script a form. How microservices support the lean system. And how you can create a custom client and custom actions in a fraction of the time and with less code.


Build your own client

Sometimes the requirements are so specific that a few plugins are not enough. This is where greater flexibility is needed. With the well-defined REST API, you can build custom applications – from your own web client to your own business logic.

Add business logic with custom microservices

Thanks to the modular microservices architecture you can easily extend yuuvis® RAD’s functionality. Simply write your own business logic and add it to the system as a new microservice. This is a powerful way of creating just the application you need.


Integration into the system landscape

yuuvis® RAD was created with the API-first philosophy in mind. The open architecture and comprehensively documented REST API allow for easy integration into existing system landscapes and quick connection of third-party applications.