yuuvis® Momentum for System Integrators

Help customers create long-term value for their business

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The applications you create need to work well with the existing system landscape of your customers.

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Strict requirements

Your customers have strict requirements for industry-specific regulations and compliance.

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Inflexible tools

To build applications that your customers will love, you need versatile tools that allow you to use the right components while omitting others.

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Vendor lock-in

Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions and customizing require the use of proprietary tools (hidden APIs) and lead to vendor lock-in or exceedingly complex projects.

Here’s how yuuvis® Momentum can help

Tailored to customers’ need and budget

  • yuuvis® Momentum is an API-first architecture that can handle up to 109 objects in a single instance.

  • Its microservice architecture enables pinpoint scalability and high availability.

  • Run your applications on-premises or in any private or public cloud that supports Kubernetes.

  • Save money because there are no dependencies on commercial third-party software like VMWare, Windows Server, SQL Server, or Oracle.

  • Save more money with end-user multitenancy: Serve multiple customers from the same instance while maintaining full data separation and tenant administration.

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Object modeling

The schema brings semantics and context to your information: For the objects to be managed (which can be documents or other types of content), you define parameters that are stored as metadata. This adds a new level of information allowing to store and retrieve documents in a structured manner.

To suit your customers’ specific needs, you can define separate schemas for each of them, while basic definitions remain in a global schema.


Efficient access control system

Keep documents safe from unauthorized access thanks to the permission system. Each user has one or more roles in this system, which grant them access to various documents for specific actions. Read and write permissions, for example, can be defined at a fine granularity.



End-user multitenancy helps you reduce operating costs. Within a single system instance, you can run an application for multiple internal customers (tenants). You can also run multiple applications on the same instance. In addition to the global definition that is used by all applications, you can define customer-specific modifications and extensions if needed.


Instead of proprietary interfaces, yuuvis® Momentum relies exclusively on open standards and integration. Thanks to the well-documented REST API, the content services can be easily integrated into your existing system landscape and can then be accessed from existing applications.


Learn from your peers

Get answers to your burning questions and find inspiration for your projects in our community.


Functional extension

Missing an important feature? No problem! The architecture of yuuvis® Momentum is designed for expandability. You can easily add business logic by writing your own microservices.

Easy installation and administration

yuuvis® Momentum allows you to focus on your business logic when building a solution.


See what you can do with yuuvis® Momentum

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Compliance and Governance

Comply with stringent regulatory, industry, and company requirements to avoid putting your company at risk

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Build a modern long-term archive that integrates with your existing system landscape


Content Repository

Create content-centric applications that you can run on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment