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yuuvis® Momentum for CTOs and Software Architects

Create the technological backbone for a future-proof IT and business

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Your legacy systems can no longer keep up with your more advanced systems and lack interfaces for proper integration.

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Choose between on-premises and cloud

You’re not sure if you should keep your data secure on your own hardware or if you might want to switch to the cloud later.

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Reduce content sprawl and shadow IT

Reduce the security risk posed by shadow IT and put in place a governance strategy that meets both employee needs and compliance requirements.

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Find qualified talent

You need employees who are proficient in the technologies and can both create applications and provide long-term support.

Here’s how yuuvis® Momentum can help

Cloud-native architecture

yuuvis® Momentum is based on microservices that are realized with Docker containers and orchestrated with Kubernetes – the state-of-the-art for cloud platforms. Tools like Kubespray allow on-premises deployment.

The system runs on all systems that support Kubernetes and delivers high per­for­mance. In addition, no expensive commercial databases or the like are required, which further reduces operating costs.

Learn more about the core services

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Start on-premises, move to the cloud whenever you want

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How do you feel about the cloud? With yuuvis® Momentum, you can take any path you want: The code running on-premises and in the cloud is identical. The architecture is truly cloud-native, allowing for a seamless transition from on-premises to cloud at any time without requiring code migration. Use this option as a backup, for scaling, or as a long-term strategic step.

Future-proof scalability

Multitenancy at all levels

Compliance and audit trail

Add audit-proof long-term archiving to your system. Every document access request is logged. yuuvis® Momentum complies with a variety of international rules and regulations and has comprehensive certificates and declarations of conformity to support your compliance.

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See what you can do with yuuvis® Momentum

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Compliance and Governance

Comply with stringent regulatory, industry, and company requirements to avoid putting your company at risk

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Build a modern long-term archive that integrates with your existing system landscape

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Content Repository

Create content-centric applications that you can run on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment