Ein Mann steht in einem Serverraum.

Our Managed Services

Your server – our expertise

In an increasingly complex working environment, the demands placed on the services of IT departments are constantly increasing, because only a smoothly functioning IT infrastructure can achieve and exceed economic goals.

Especially in the case of expansion or other drastic changes, IT must grow with the company and act actively. In the field of digitization, you have already decided on the best solution by using enaio®, but despite all automation, optimal software also requires maintenance and care.

Here we can support your in-house IT with our experience and thus create space for your core tasks. Of course, the services described are only provided remotely. The service packages can be individually configured according to your enaio® installation and requirements.

If you have any further questions about Managed Services, please contact our Sales Department Manager Anke Laumeyer-Grande.

P. S.: Do you want regular check-ups of for your system? Of course we also support you with preventive maintenance – please contact me!

Do you have any further questions?