Solution: enaio® labs – digital laboratory records

Seamless Flow of Information in the Lab

Made possible by digital laboratory records

enaio® labs is a basic software tool used to manage and document lab processes. As multi­disciplinary lab records, all specialist disciplines that generate or capture lab data within the company can be shown as modular digital file cabinets in the enaio® Laboratory Content Center.

Customer-specific developments are available for biological diagnostics, clinical chemistry, toxicology, food testing, environmental analysis, and forensic technology, as well as the pharmaceutical and automotive sectors. Special add-on modules – enaio® lims and Biobanking/Big Data – are available to add to the matching specialist disciplines in enaio® labs.

  • Biological diagnostics
  • Clinical chemistry
  • Toxicology
  • Food analysis
  • Environmental analysis
  • Forensic science
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Automotive
A diagram displaying enolo's sample distribution process, using digital laboratory records.
The digital laboratory with enaio® labs

Digital Lab Record Information Brought to You by enaio®

  • Modules available for all lab disciplines

  • Manual or automated data import

  • Integration of paper documents and accompanying text recognition

  • Differentiated rights system and user administration

  • Comprehensive full-text search function, search filters, and configurable search forms

  • Sample registration and barcode support

  • Resource planning and stock-keeping
  • Device and test equipment management
  • Assay and aliquot character­ization
  • Report and certificate generation
  • Statistical calculation

  • Lab workflow and process management

  • Manage and send results

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