OPTIMAL SYSTEMS Belgrade Bridge over water with boats and trees.

The Team in Belgrade

A bearded man wearing glasses is working diligently in an office, surrounded by his team in Belgrade.

Senior Software Engineer

Momčilo Davidović graduated in Belgrade and started as a software engineer in 2008. His professional career led him through five different companies, before he started at OPTIMAL SYSTEMS Belgrade in 2018. Momcilo works as a senior backend developer in the coLab Team and is also a part of the cloud development team.

A man with glasses and a beard smiling for the camera while representing his team in Belgrade.

Senior Software Engineer

Igor Tomić studied software engineering in Belgrade and joined OPTIMAL SYSTEMS Belgrade as full stack developer in January 2018. He is a senior developer/scrum master in the Sparrow team. He is responsible for the yuuvis® management studio.

A man in a blue shirt is standing next to a brick wall in Belgrade.

Software Engineer

Nikola Vujanić has studied Information Technologies at the University of Belgrade and has graduated with master’s degree in 2015. He is member of OPTIMAL SYSTEMS Belgrade since 2018. As a senior frontend developer, Nikola is part of the coLab team.

Point of Contact for Customers