The German physicians’ union Marburger Bund recently conducted a study on the workload of medical practitioners. According to the study, 26% of doctors spend more than three hours of each working day on administrative activities.

Healthcare sector is overloaded

In surveys of its members, the Marburger Bund regularly evaluates the working conditions of doctors in Germany. 6,172 doctors were interviewed for the current study. The results are clear – administrative activities take up a substantial portion of daily work, which should really be dedicated to treating patients. Two thirds of respondents say that there is not enough time for patients. Another figure is also highly interesting: When asked about reducing bureaucracy, 44% say that this topic is “very important”, and 26% even consider it “most important.”

“Hospital 4.0” already a reality in some places

However, the fact that doctors suffer from too much administrative work is not a new finding. But solutions are available – if you know how to implement them. In addition to well-trained administrative staff, digital information management systems can relieve hospitals and rehabilitation clinics of paperwork. ECM for hospitals offers solutions for digital patient records, discharge reports as per Section 301 of Book V of the German Social Security Code (SGB V), or audit-proof archiving of digital hospital records.

Numerous hospitals in Germany – such as the Uniklinikum in Frankfurt, the UKSH or the ViDia-Kliniken in Karlsruhe – have for a long time used enaio® for document management and benefit from efficient administration, which ultimately benefits everyone: doctors, administrators, and patients.