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Software für Macher

Laboratory Content Center in enaio®

enaio® Laboratory Content Center is a Workflow Management System for the organization, documentation (enaio® labs), sample processing (enaio® lims), process analysis, quality management (Quality Management Suite) and content management in laboratories. Due to enaio®’s modularity, the software can be adapted to the customers’ needs, modified to specific laboratory workflows and introduced into the daily processes step by step. It supports lab automation and increases lab efficiency and transparency. The Laboratory Content Center is based on the Enterprise Content Management System enaio® by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS.

Key Features

  • Document Management System (DMS) for the management of office documents, pictures, emails as well as medical files or reports
  • Digital workflows for the acceleration of complex administrative and laboratory processes
  • Lab reports for the generation, analysis and combination of individual reports for the planning of resources, budgets and processes
  • Mobile client for quick access to data, business processes and current projects from wherever you are
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Basic software for the administration and documentation of laboratory processes

enaio® labs – the digital lab file

By using enaio® labs, all data from different laboratory departments can be displayed and managed in one software. Each department will be located in a respective digital filing cabinet. Flexible query forms allow you to easily find and manage documents.

Customer-specific deployments for:

  • Clinical chemistry
  • Toxicology
  • Biological diagnostics
  • Pharmacy
  • GMP facilities
  • Forensic science
  • Environmental analysis
  • Foodstuff analytics
  • Automotive

ECM-supported Laboratory Information and Management System

enaio® lims – digital sample management

enaio® lims includes functions of enaio® labs and enables the complete documentation and management of laboratory processes and analyses. That includes customer, order, sample and workflow management and automatic report generation. This way, laboratory processes become more transparent, efficient and safe. The software supports features of quality management as well.

Key Features

  • Easy import of sample and process data from external systems
  • Contribution of barcode and RFID systems to identify samples and document processes
  • Individual configuration of laboratory workflows with integrated device control
  • Processing, evaluating and charting of analysis data and transfer of report data
  • Integration of industry-specific analysis functions

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