SaaS Solutions

Host solutions for multiple customers in a single instance

One installation for multiple customers

Multitenancy allows multiple users to access the same, centrally managed resource. This means that you can run one application for multiple customers within a single system instance, resulting in significantly lower operating costs. Without any additional effort, you can create a multitenant SaaS solution for your customers.


Always up to date

Many solutions on the market do not provide true multitenancy. Most of the time, they set up a separate system for each tenant. If there is a software update, it must be applied to each system, which means that not all customers will be updated as soon as possible. In addition, the hotfix management is often immature.

yuuvis® Momentum is different: It allows to run multiple applications in the same system instance. This way, all tenants will receive an update immediately, allowing them to benefit from fixes and updates much faster.

Diversify: Create a product portfolio to suit your customers

If you want to expand your SaaS business, you can develop a variety of SaaS solutions, each meeting a different set of requirements, to target different customer groups and expand your customer base.

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Users do not need to worry about installation or configuration.

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The system is easily adaptable to changing business needs.

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Flexible fees

Users only pay for what they need.

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Easy updates

New features and bug fixes can be easily deployed, allowing for continuous development.

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Users can work with the app from anywhere, on any device.