Managed API

Extend your cloud software with content management services

Managed cloud API to store, organize, search and retrieve any content with lightning speed.

Content management in and for the cloud

The Managed API of yuuvis® Momentum is a flexible API for smart document management in the cloud. It helps to create information and content management solutions or add such functionality to your existing or new application. You will get a service running in the cloud that manages large amounts of content securely and efficiently, and that you can quickly and easily integrate into your application.

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Manage any type of content

Content can obviously be documents, so the Managed API allows you to integrate professional document management functions into your application. However, the Managed API is not limited to documents. It explicitly supports even very large content, streaming content and other non-document related content types.

Try the Managed API now and for free

Because the Managed API is a service from the cloud, it can be used immediately. Integrate it risk-free and test it in your application or create your prototype.

Innovative projects using the Managed API

New York yuuvis® hackathon, Grand Prize and Business Process Challenge Winner

Companies are constantly creating audio data. Meeting notes, conference calls, and more are essential to a company’s mission and progress. However the audio data they produce isn’t currently searchable. SoundSearch came up with a solution to that using the Managed API.

San Francisco yuuvis® hackathon, Grand Prize and Wildcard Challenge Winner

Large companies produce an extraordinary amount of untagged, hard-to-search security camera footage every day. Smart Security Systems uses an image recognition algorithm to tag video content. The database and Managed API are used to store the video material and metadata and make it searchable based on the tags, as well as to archive the metadata after the video has been deleted.