Before the start of the digitization project, the records were piling up

“Switching” an entire public sector department from paper to digital can be a mammoth task. So we’re all the more pleased that OPTIMAL SYSTEMS was once again able to help us accomplish this task smoothly: The Foreigners’ Office in the city of Ludwigsburg has sent its filing cabinets, dockets, and much else besides into well-deserved retirement. From now on, all applications and other important documentation will be processed digitally.

A total of 20,000 records with approximately two million pages are organized with the help of enaio® blueline. The requirements of the Baden-Württemberg e-Government Act are also being implemented – three years ahead of the deadline.

After project completion, the room looks bright and inviting.

The employees were also enthusiastic about the introduction of the ECM solution: In March, the Ludwigsburger Kreiszeitung newspaper reported that staff “were literally rejoicing at the new situation” in its article “Digitized Data Instead of Dusty Old Records”.