Being one of the best – this is the goal of ambitious trainees and it fits the philosophy of OPTIMAL SYSTEMS. It is part of our mission statement to support everyone in the team and to provide opportunities for everyone to surpass themselves. Eva Ramlow shows how it works: The software developer and IHK graduate is one of the 70 best in Berlin – and is already the second OPTIMAL SYSTEMS trainee to achieve this.

Second award for apprentices of OPTIMAL SYSTEMS

“The training at OPTIMAL SYSTEMS is an incredible incentive,” says Eva Ramlow. “When you enjoy something, you get really good at it.” That is definitely one reason to be proud of what we have achieved together – for Eva and the whole team.

The IHK regularly awards prizes to the most talented graduates of a year and publishes statistics on the evaluations. The figures speak for themselves: On average, graduates who completed their in-company training at OPTIMAL SYSTEMS are better than average. This is demonstrated using IT specialists as an example: While the IHK-wide completion rate is 67.81 percent, our trainees achieved a rate of 81.89 percent. A similar picture exists in the other professions.

OPTIMAL SYSTEMS has been an approved training company since 2004. Five professions are offered throughout the group:

  • IT specialist for application development
  • IT specialist for system integration
  • IT systems consultant
  • Marketing communication consultant
  • Digital and print media designer

We currently have 24 young people training with us. We also offer internships and student jobs in a wide variety of areas, such as professional services, marketing and brand strategy, sales and partner management, and product development.

Information about training, internships, and studies can be found at here.