Work. Together. Create.

The software industry is a prime mover in the creation of a new work culture. We are committed to this culture expressed in the form of a relaxed atmosphere, working methods such as SCRUM, and high-quality, genuine teamwork between colleagues. All this is on offer with a position at OPTIMAL SYSTEMS.

Software is made by people

For an optimum result we need an optimum working environment.

We have people who use their talents to create genuine work simplifications. We’re all part of a big team. Not all of us are software developers. But each of us develops something – at OPTIMAL SYSTEMS we are all creators in the field of digitalization.

Our goal: to work better

Our users trust us to provide solutions that will improve their work.

Digital working means constant change. That is why OPTIMAL SYSTEMS must be open to any and all changes. This is the only way we can provide our customers with software that drives them forward.

Our method: to work better

Today’s working methods for tomorrow’s digital workspace.

Only those who feel good are successful. We therefore attach great importance to a pleasant working atmosphere. This includes space for creative breaks and sport, as well as opportunities to maintain a good work-life balance. Each of us has the opportunity to further develop our personal strengths. Everyone can take an active part in shaping their day-to-day work, make a personal contribution, and take responsibility for something new.

What we offer

The appreciation of our employees is reflected in many things. These include amenities that enrich your daily work and benefits that are also useful in your private life. Enjoy numerous benefits, such as home office, flexible working hours, and employee discounts at our various locations.

But wait! There’s more:
Discover the full range of our employee benefits on the reverse side.

  • If you have children at a
    daycare nursery, we provide a tax-
    and social security-free childcare allowance.
  • For private use we provide our
    employees with attractive leasing offers
    – low cost and unbureaucratic.
  • Where do you want to work? In the office, at home
    or on the beach? We make it possible.
  • Chill-out areas, IT labs, and quiet rooms:
    we create the spaces for a relaxed working environment
  • The qualification of our employees is
    close to our hearts. We support you with in-house opportunities for further training.
  • Thanks to a large number of cooperations, we are able to offer discounts and special conditions
    on numerous items.
  • If I can do something more effectively, the whole company and every employee will benefit.

    Technical Trainer
  • Accept every challenge, create a solution, and celebrate successes together: This is work as it should be.

    Content Manager
  • OPTIMAL SYSTEMS: A flat hierarchy that is truly important to our company culture.

    ECM Consultant
  • Appreciating diversity, tackling the future

    So far we have only realized a fraction of what is possible. As our company develops, so too do our solutions, and with them the possibilities for changing the way information is handled. Professionalism and openness for new ideas are means by which we move into the future with our customers.

  • We're informal

    We have people with diverse talents and abilities working for us, in teams that are allowed to make independent decisions. We encourage open, direct communication across all management levels. This is a tradition that OPTIMAL SYSTEMS has been committed to since its foundation. We want our employees to feel comfortable with us right from the start. That means first and foremost: we're on first-name terms, from janitor right through to CEO.

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