The IT scene loves its buzzwords. In the information management industry, the term “content services” tries to be what “big data” or “artificial intelligence” is elsewhere: the word under which current trends can be subsumed and go viral.

Software aus der Cloud krempelt den Markt um

“Content Services” is not the first attempt to find this kind of wording: “Document Related Technologies” should point the way for the industry in the 2000s. At that time, more and more core functions in traditional document management were shifted to the operating system level or other components, while many of the innovative special and industry solutions hardly fit under one roof.

Today enterprise software vendors face a similar, if not more demanding, challenge: With the arrival of “software from the cloud”, new, global competition has appeared on the market, while at the same time mobile Internet demands the development of new platforms and operating systems. This is a technological revolution that is just beginning in the IT scene, while demanding users are used to the most modern standards from their daily lives.

Der Mittelstand setzt auf Flexibilität

Will “content services” help to overcome these problems? How do they relate to the “megatopic” of digitization announced by the recently elected federal government? What role does IT security play in this environment?

Dr. Ulrich Kampffmeyer and Dr. Olaf Holst are two “old timers” in the IT scene who are devoting their time to these questions and we are inviting you to join them there live. During a 30-minute discussion, we will broadcast the first episode of our series “Uli, Olaf, and Digital Madness” directly on Facebook from our studio in Berlin on March 19 starting at 11 am. Discuss your questions with them live and put your comments to both experts.