OPTIMAL SYSTEMS played a significant role in the practical development of Entscheiderfabrik’s “5 IT Key Topics 2015” and was awarded a prize for it. Criteria for determining the completeness of digital patient records were developed in the cross-manufacturer project.

As part of Entscheiderfabrik, OPTIMAL SYSTEMS participated in the project “Content Completeness and Verifiability of Digital Patient Records – Development and Testing of a Qualified Test System.” In early February 2016, OPTIMAL SYSTEMS Vertriebsgesellschaft Berlin mbH was honored with a prize for the evaluation of Entscheiderfabrik’s “5 IT Key Topics 2015.”

OPTIMAL SYSTEMS honored – Entscheiderfabrik 5 IT Key Topics 2015

The project team developed criteria to check the completeness of patient records. Not only was a theoretical approach pursued, but the clinics involved were already able to test the first solutions and workflows for examining the records.

Exactly one year ago, Entscheiderfabrik selected the topic from among twelve proposed topics as one of the top five topics in clinical healthcare. In the course of 2015, it was addressed in a working group of representatives from clinics, manufacturers, and scientific staff. As practical users, various clinics were closely involved on a professional level: the Frankfurt and Münster university hospitals, the Stadt Soest clinic, and the Robert Bosch hospital in Stuttgart. The project was supervised by the Institute for Medical Informatics of the University of Mannheim and the Competence Center für die Elektronische Signatur im Gesundheitswesen e.V. (CCESigG) (competence center for electronic signatures in healthcare). DMI GmbH & Co. KG was also represented as another manufacturer.

Entscheiderfabrik is a consortium of 24 associations, 640 clinics, and 96 industrial companies whose goal is to develop solutions for challenges in healthcare processes. The goal is the continuous development of a work and communication platform in order to continuously improve the contribution of IT and medical technology to clinical success. The association celebrated its 10th anniversary in February 2016. OPTIMAL SYSTEMS has been actively involved in Entscheiderfabrik for 6 years.