Our trainee Patricia will be gaining experience on the international stage over the next few weeks during her internship in London. In this and the next few posts, she tells about her experiences and adventures.

Arriving in the capital of Great Britain

When I found out that our vocational school was offering an internship abroad in cooperation with GoEurope, I was immediately interested. Thanks to the support and encouragement of OPTIMAL SYSTEMS, it quickly became clear to me that I’d be applying. I picked London as the destination for my internship. It was very easy for me to make this decision as I had never been there before and had always been very interested in its culture and lifestyle.

The Palace of Westminster, the seat of Parliament

It was late January and the time had come for me to set off on my London adventure. We’d barely landed at London Heathrow and already we were facing our first challenge: how do we get from the airport to our host family? But with digital support from all kinds of apps and the very friendly and helpful airport staff, it didn’t actually turn out to be that hard to find the right way in the end. Once I’d reached my host family, I was greeted with open arms – and of course a cup of tea. In the first week we had a language course to prepare us for the weeks ahead. The course was run by Twin UK, our British partner agency, which also organized our host families and internships. We were divided into different classes to make sure we’d get the chance to meet other students from all over the world.

World-famous Trafalgar Square in the heart of London

Since we only had classes in the morning, we had plenty of time to explore the city in the afternoon. Of course we visited sights like Buckingham Palace and London Bridge, but also the British Museum and the National Gallery. A highlight of the week was our visit to Windsor Castle – the Queen wasn’t there, unfortunately – which was also organized by Twin. The castle and adjoining park are really beautiful and definitely worth a visit. The first week at the language school was a really good way to settle in. We met lots of new people and got to see a lot. The internship starts next week. Aside from feeling a bit nervous, I’m also filled with a sense of anticipation for what’s to come. Let’s see!


To be continued…

Unfortunately, no time for a pub visit…