I am doing my four-week internship at a company that recruits healthcare professionals for assignments abroad, mainly in the United States. The relatively new London-based company also has small offices around the world – including some in Africa – so it can provide support that is as personal as possible for nurses who decide to start a new life stateside. A brave step for everyone involved, in my opinion.

“Web first” is the motto

At first I was a little worried that I would only ever be asked to do typical intern tasks and not really what I actually wanted to learn about. But after a brief interview on site, I was confident that this wouldn’t be the case. In fact, my first project was very exciting. I had to create a German counterpart to the English website – which sounds relatively simple at first. Fortunately, the website had been created with WordPress so I had a small advantage at the start as I’d already done a lot of work with WordPress. However, I had never tried to create a multilingual website so it took me a while to find a suitable solution or the right plugin. And because I constantly had to translate everything in my head, the whole thing was twice as “taxing.” I noticed it most in the evenings. But once the plugin was installed, I was finally able to get started. As some of the text was already available in German, I luckily no longer had to translate every single text, which made the work go a lot faster.

This was a very exciting project for the first week; not only was I able to apply my knowledge, but I also learned lots of new things. When searching for a suitable plugin for WordPress, I also learned more about the CMS itself and the technology behind it, which can of course come in useful in the future – and perhaps even for my work at OPTIMAL SYSTEMS.

Next week, a Facebook campaign will be launched with the help of the new German website, which is aimed specifically at nurses in Germany. I can’t wait – see you soon for part 3!

Our visit to Windsor Castle